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Extension and remodelling project approved

Extending and remodelling estate houses often present problems due to their low ceilings, the need to draw light into the older parts of the house and can present problems with neighbours who might not take to new designs being introduced in their locality. Continue reading

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Planning granted for Coppershades

Sited within designated countryside, a strategic gap and bordering the Netley Abbey Conservation Area and part of the former grounds to the abbey, planning permission for such a contemporary design could have been tricky. Continue reading

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Form follows function

When considering a home’s structural stability, it really is a case of form following function. Continue reading

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Does a 100% success rate with planning applications mean that the architect is any good?

On the face of it achieving 100% success with planning applications, something that is a bit of a risk appears to be excellent, but the real question has to be; how is that success achieved? Continue reading

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Outdoor Space and Style

The trend started in the USA for gardens to be designed as rooms, which can be an extension of the home during mild weather is catching on in Britain. Continue reading

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