Good design is a great investment

When extending or remodelling an existing house or bungalow, good design on what is likely to be the homeowners greatest asset is a great investment.

Hampshire Extension Design

With good design just a Google search away, most people can identify a home that has been well designed and as a result, today’s home buyers are more aware, demanding and savvy when it comes to design, but arriving at that design for their own home is not something that comes naturally for many. And a quick search of homes for sale, reveals all too many examples of poorly designed properties, even when searching for new homes, which itself is not unsurprising when most are built speculatively for a profit, without the requirements and aspirations of the actual homeowner being taken into account.

Creating functional, feel good spaces that consider the needs of the homeowner, the location, orientation, practicalities of construction, planning restrictions and build costs and is yet still creative, is not so straightforward.

With design fees for a good architectural design being a modest proportion of the large investment required for the build and even less when compared to the sale value of a completed home, it becomes clear that even if a good design increased the value of a finished property by that same modest amount, it would be money well spent. But research by The Modern House an estate agent that specialises in well designed homes indicates that good design can actually increase the sale price by around 12%.

The value added to a property as a result of being well designed is not simply about its future sale value, but also the uplifting and pleasurable well-being experience that comes from living and socialising in a nicer space, that uplift in the built environment is a little more difficult to quantify, but well worth it.

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Titchfield remodelling project underway

The remodelling project that we undertook on a house in Titchfield, Hampshire is progressing rather nicely. Our clients who are experienced self builders and had previously worked with us on their former home, engaged us to oversee the design to remodel, extend and update their new chalet bungalow which sits on the edge of the Titchfield Conservation area.

Our proposal adds three bedrooms and two full bathrooms to the first floor, whilst  opening up the original kitchen, dining room, bathroom and part of the hall to create a large sociable kitchen across the width of the house.  Our design also meant raising the ridge height and changing the angle of the roof, the creation of a new staircase, a third shower room for a ground floor guest suite and the building of a utility room to the side.

Hampshire architectureThe house mid way through the project.

House before transformationThe house before the work commenced,

When trying to squeeze as much out of a build on a tight budget, on a property that is in or adjacent to a sensitive location such as a Conservation area, the importance of good design is paramount. Seeing this work progressing so well is testimony to that good design and the craftsmanship of our clients.

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Poole remodelling project completed

The subtle remodelling project that we undertook on a house in Poole, Dorset is now complete. Our design improved the internal layout of the property and updated the external appearance of the house. The scheme converted an earlier front barn hipped roof  into a gable and centralised the upper window above a repositioned entrance door. To increase bathroom space, the hipped roof dormer was replaced with a slightly larger dormer with matching gable and cladding. Additional floor space was achieved by converting the garage. The full height band of cladding visually links the upper storey with the ground floor, whilst other alterations such as introducing an open porch and bargeboards to replace the tired flat pointed verges add depth and character to the home.

Poole remodelThe completed house in Poole.

Poole architecture beforeThe original house.

To see more about this and other great transformative remodelling projects that we have undertaken, visit our portfolio at .

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In My Yard

For anyone undertaking small projects, we have just come across and used a great new site that allows tradespeople, self builders or anyone carrying out bigger DIY projects to buy and sell surplus materials, machinery, tools and equipment.

All too often, excess materials end up thrown away or put into skips, simply because storing them or moving them from job to job is costly and this isn’t just down to trades people or DIYers over ordering. More often than not, heavy goods such as paving or blocks can only be bought in packs or pallets, which is often in greater quantities than is needed for smaller projects. The newly launched In My Yard website provides a platform for anyone carrying out a project to simply list their surplus or recycled materials or equipment for sale, to allow others to buy them. We love the green credentials of this simple to use site that is run by real trades people and the fact that it is just for people who undertake building or landscaping projects.
In My Yard

Still in its early days, the website has the potential to change how contractors view their surplus materials. With the average cost of hiring a 6 yard skip in the UK being in excess of £200, In My Yard could convert excess materials into money back whilst making projects a little bit greener.

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Remote design service

With the need to protect ourselves and our clients during the current Covid19 pandemic and regular enquiries for work in areas beyond our usual work area, we are fortunate in being able to offer a remote design service. The service which is conducted without the need to visit a clients home allows us to work with them to develop a  feasibility concept design, that could transform their home.

Working with photographs, sketches of floor plans and a few key dimensions, we are able to translate what is a client’s dream into a viable design solution. The extent of this service can include proposed floor plan layouts, sketches of the proposed elevations and even 3D visuals of the proposal. Clients using this service will gain access to our vast experience and knowledge in remodelling and extending properties, ideas for the exterior architectural elements as well as the interior layout.

Typical bland house before transformationTypical house in need of remodelling.

House transformation in French styleTypical 3D concept visual of the proposal.

As with our usual architectural service, we will listen to our clients ideas and objectives, evaluate the potential of their home and answer any questions. The feasibility of the project will be discussed, options explored and regulatory issues highlighted. We will consider ballpark budgets and discuss site specific issues allowing our clients to gain answers to many questions relating to the design and the build process.

The cost for this service depends on the size and scope of the project. If you have such a project in mind, please contact us to find out more about how we could help you to transform your home, remotely.

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Extension and remodelling project approved

We are pleased to announce that we have just gained planning permission to extend and remodel a 1960s estate house in Gosport.
Hampshire contemporary extension

Extending and remodelling estate houses often present problems due to their low ceilings, the need to draw light into the older parts of the house and possible opposition from neighbours who might not take to new designs being introduced in their locality.

Our solution will replace the existing older style flat roof additions with a modern flat roofed extension which will wrap around the side and rear of the house with generous 2.7m ceiling heights and large eaves overhangs. The higher ceiling height will allow the extended and enlarged areas to have better proportions as well as taller windows and doors.

Internally the extension will open up to the existing kitchen and dining room at the rear to create a spacious 44m2 kitchen and family room which will lead onto a verandah beneath the flat roof. Elsewhere a master bedroom suite with wrap around glazed doors will be added and a utility and gym will also be built. The internal arrangements will see the staircase and third bedroom relocated and a galleried glazed landing installed. Externally the house will be remodelled with timber and render to match the great new layout and the old concrete interlocking roof tiles will be replaced with a metal standing seam roof with galvanised metal guttering.

Our well thought out design and clear proposals gained the all important planning permission without any obstacles.

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