Sustainability and the desire to create a highly thermally efficient home are at the forefront of the solution to extend this chalet bungalow and thereby create a contemporary flat roofed home for a growing family.

Sketch design

The existing house.

Sketch layout

Remodelling & Extension

We are pleased to have been granted planning permission for the extension and remodelling of this chalet bungalow in the countryside near Netley Abbey. Despite strong opposition to the modern design, the planning officer agreed that the proposal was of a good quality design that would add to the existing mix of home styles in the area.

The proposal removes the existing dormers and pitched roof to create a flat roofed contemporary home, with the upper storey built in timber framing to a high level of insulation. Despite the significant increase in upper floor area, the finished house will be lower than the original tiled roof bungalow.

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