5 Reasons to talk to an interior designer

With so many makeover television programmes, interior design may look easy, but the key to good design is more complex. Those eclectic or coordinated looks seen in home design magazines, television shows and in developer’s show complexes are not arrived at by chance, but are created through the vision of professional interior designers having a healthy dialogue with their client.

Talking to a professional that understands the use of space, furnishings, materials, finishes and light will not only help you avoid making costly fashion mistakes, but when carried out well will create a desirable environment. Employing an interior designer is often seen as a costly exercise or an unnecessary luxury, but when compared to the sums of money involved in the overall project the designer’s fees are relatively low and can add real value to the scheme.

When extending, why not let an interior designer go the extra mile to finish off your new addition to your home.

An interior designer will:

  1. Generate ideas with an expert perspective from someone who can offer professional advice.
  2. Help you avoid making costly mistakes, from materials or objects that clash or simply don’t work together.
  3. Be knowledgeable on up to date trends as well as classic looks and will know what is available and possible.
  4. Help develop and focus on deadlines and decision making.
  5. Enhance and add value to your home.

Alison Oram has just completed her BA (Hons) Interior Design.  Visit Alison’s blog to learn more about her work.

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